Our Story

Velvet Victoria was created in 2017 by our founder Velvet Victoria. Velvet has been involved in the fashion industry in some capacity for all of her life. Her story is interesting because she is also a qualified lawyer. After completing her Law degree and before moving onto her Legal training she took a course at the Condé Nast College of Fashion & Design. Following this, she interned at Vogue magazine. Now she is focused on her life long passion Velvet Victoria London and making a brand that people love.

Velvet Victoria is inspired by life in London. We also take inspiration from our friends and family. Our It Girl is also Velvet's younger sister. You can see her in all of the campaign photographs.

At Velvet Victoria we believe that we live in an era where individuality should be showcased. That is why our brand will provide luxury fashion and accessories that are customised for the individual. We believe that you can be your own icon and your own brand. We replace product branding with the individual's monogram. Our hope is that our pieces become immersed in the fabric of your everyday wardrobe for generations to come.

Velvet Victoria's longterm ambition is to become a household name for luxury bespoke fashion and lifestyle items. We hope to launch our fashion pieces and Home Collection by the end of 2018. 

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